-Brenda Gedeon, Owner of the Mi’gmaq Star

The STAR TEAM is pleased and excited to introduce our official STAR Website!!

Embarking on our 10th year of customer service, we continue to make every possible effort to reach the pinnacle of the best customer service we can provide to each and every person walking through our doors. We embrace every customer as our friend and associate. OUR MOTTO…serve and give your best to every customer as though they are friends and family.

As a valued customer, we believe it is our obligation and our pleasure to give back to you since you make a special effort to shop with us or play in the STAR CASINO. Thus, as a regular STAR policy, we provide you with CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DRAWS, generous SPECIAL EVENT/PRODUCT/CASH DRAWS and the occasional free give away just because you are considered a loyal valued customer. How about that!!!?

We personally invite you to come on in, purchase a product or join us in THE STAR CASINO to enjoy the uniqueness of our gamesroom and you tell us about your experience. We can guarantee customer service satisfaction every time!!

Give us a try, give us a chance to make a difference in your shopping gamesroom experience!!